segunda-feira, 13 de abril de 2009

I roam, therefore I am...

The Journey

Carlos A. C. Peroni

Yes, my journey through the underworld is over
It was a dark time, I was confused, dizzy
I walked amongst the dead, tried to talk with them
Unsuccessfully, of course.
But do not be mistaken, I was not condemned
At least not by anyone other than me.
I took the journey willingly, as everybody does
I paid my dues,
And god knows they were long overdue

Even though it was a lonely path
I wasn’t alone all the time
I’ve had my companions, few, but priceless
Specially in the end, When I’ve had my Moon,
Guiding me through the darkness
I fell for her,
and she taught me a great deal o’ things
But, being the Moon, she belongs in the distance
And our paths went separate…

Now, a new dawn is coming
I can see it’s eyelashes moving
May it come, and be welcomed
For a new day is coming.

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