segunda-feira, 17 de outubro de 2011

Burn, Baby, burn

Esse momento no show do Metallica me inspirou a escrever essa poesia. Eu estava perto de um dos lança-chamas e a sensação de poder e medo que sentia quando eles disparavam a cada vez que se gritava “FIRE!” é difícil de se por em palavras.


Once upon a time
Fire was the name of a god
and people cowered in awe
upon his presence

And every now and then
when we approach a large bonfire
or something just burst into flames near us
our instincts remind us

And we get caught empty staring
our eyes lost in the fire
and the fire burning in our eyes
fear and attraction living together

The flames you see today
are but minor shades
sparks of his power
they lead you to believe he’s tamed

But nothing could be farther from the truth
he constantly watches us from his fiery throne
he demands sacrifice
and his hunger knows no bounds

So, we’d better follow the flames
and dance, and burn, bright and high
for it pleases Fire, the god

We’re all destined to ashes
but ‘till then we’re fire
and we can choose how to burn