quarta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2014

The touch of evil

Is it possible to get in touch with evil, and not get infected by it? If it is, how can one do it? 
Common sense advises us not to cut deals with the devil.
But everybody has, at least once on his or hers lifetime, wondered what he or she would ask in turn his/hers soul.
But that's not the question that torments us.
The question that torments us, that descends upon us when we're lying sleepless in the dark, is "What if?"
What if you can fool the devil?
The world is full of tales of those who tried and failed, and fell.
But after seeing so many atrocities and cruelty in the world, so many evils unpunished, you begin to wonder, what if those who plunged into evil and managed to emerge clean, what if they kept it a secret? And what if the good people who witnessed they doing it hid the story? Afraid that if the news spread, chaos would reign.